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Supported Software
Supported software has been tested and meets standards on Webster University computers.

Full Support Software

  • Documentation and/or training courses are offered
  • Assistance is available for questions encountered during normal use
  • Special pricing may be possible

Limited Support Software

  • Installation and configuration assistance is available
  • Some assistance may be available for questions encountered during normal use
  • Special pricing may be possible

Specialist Support Software

  • Specialized documentation and/or training courses are offered
  • Consultant assistance is available for general questions
  • Special pricing may be possible

Unsupported Software

  • Software in this category should not be installed on Webster-owned computers
  • Only removal instructions are provided
Category Windows Level of Support and Notes
OS Windows 98 SE Limited
  Windows 2000 Limited
  Windows XP Full
Windows Vista Not supported yet
Office Office 97 Not supported
  Office 2000 Limited
  Office 2002 Full
  Office 2003 Full
  Office 2007 Full
Internet IE 4x Not supported
  IE 5 Not supported
  IE 5.5 Not supported
  IE 6 Full
  IE 7 Full
  Netscape (all versions) Not supported
  Firefox 1.x Full
Firefox 2.x Full
FTP WSFTP LE v5 Upgrade
  WSFTP LE v6 Full
  Windows XP Needs training
Compression Winzip 6 Not Supported
  Winzip 8 Limited
  Winzip 9 Site Licensed-Full
  WinRAR Limited 
  Windows XP built-in  Limited 
Antivirus Symantec older versions Upgrade to latest
  Symantec Full
CD Imaging Roxio v. 4 Not supported
  Easy CD Creator Full
  Easy Media Creator Full
  Nero 5+ Full
Misc Utilties Acrobat Reader Standard
  MailWasher 2.0a Limited Support
  Ad-Aware 6 Limited Support
  OmniPage 11 Specialist Support
  iCalendar Specialist Support
  HP Precision Scan Current version only
  Second Copy 2000 Limited Support
  Acrobat Pro Full, training needed
  Spybot Search and Destroy Limited Support
  Lockspan 3.0 Limited Support
Media QuickTime Standard
  Media Player 10 Full, needs training
  WinDVD 4 Full
  PowerDVD 4 Full
  PaintShop Pro Specialist
  DreamWeaver Specialist
  Creative Suite 1 / 2 Specialist
Creative Suite 3 Not supported yet
  Shockwave player Full
  Flash player Full
  FrontPage Full
  Gif Con 2 Limited Support
  iTunes Full
  Producer Limited Support (PP)
  Movie Maker Specialist
  Real Player 10 Specialist
  Macromedia Studio Specialist
  Flash Specialist
Email Netscape Not supported
  Eudora Specialist
  Outlook Standard
  Outlook Express Not supported
  WebMail Full
  Thunderbird Not supported
Entourage Full
Mac Mail Standard
Publishing MS Publisher Specialist
MS Visio Specialist
Presentation PowerPoint Specialist
  Team Board Suite Specialist
Spreadsheets SPSS Specialist
Programming VS 6 Limited Only on Windows 98
  VS .NET 2002 Specialist
  VS .NET 2003 Specialist
VS .NET 2005 Specialist
  JavaEdit Specialist
  Oracle Client Specialist
  Sun One Studio 4 Specialist
Database FileMaker Pro Specialist
  Access Specialist
  Research Insight Specialist
  WordPerfect Not Supported
  Dragon Naturally Speaking Limited Support
  ADAM Specialist
  BoardMaker Specialist
  Molecules 3D Specialist
  Kidspiration Specialist
  MapEdit Specialist
  Orbital Viewer Specialist
  AutoCad Specialist
  Clep Limited
  PHStat Specialist
  Print House Limited Support
  Works Limited Support
  Inspiration Specialist
  Graphical Analysis 3.11 Limited Support (Bio)
  Palm Desktop Specialist
  Hyperstudio Specialist
  TOFEL Mastery Specialist
  Research Insight Specialist
  Allons-Y Specialist
  InItaliano Specialist
Shared Responsibility This software is installed by User Services, but training and documentation is provided by other areas.  
  Reflection 5 Specialist
  Reflection 10 Specialist
  Reflection 12 Specialist
  Impromptu Specialist
  Heat Client Specialist
  Novell Client Specialist
  Rational Rose Specialist
  Quickmate 2.12 Specialist
  Diploma Specialist
  ALIER Specialist
  Arrival Specialist
  Blackbaud Specialist
  CAD Specialist
  CAI Specialist
  Cash Registers Specialist
  Desi Specialist
  EMS Specialist
  Event Calendar Specialist
  IT Direct Specialist
  HRMS Masterpiece Specialist
  IDWorks Specialist
  Impromptu Specialist
  IMS Specialist
  InfoTrack Specialist
  Ingres II Specialist
  Key Manager Specialist
  KGLX Audio Stream Specialist
  Loan Processing Specialist
  Mac EZ Specialist
  Micro Call Specialist
  Passports Specialist
  Procomm Plus Specialist
  Prophix Specialist
  Prospero (Library E-Reserves_) Specialist
  Regis Specialist
  SunOne (Calendar Express) Specialist
  Triton Forms Processor Specialist
  Turn It In (turnitin.com) Specialist
  UC HVAC remote dial-in Specialist
  UPS/FedEx Specialist
  VA Specialist
  Velocity Specialist
  VPPM Specialist
  WebCT Specialist
Known Problem Software    
  Kazaa Not supported
  E-donkey Not supported
  Real Player One Limited
  Overnet Not supported
  Spinner Not supported
  Instant Messaging Not supported
  Winamp Not supported
  Webshots Not supported
  Weather Bus Not supported
  Lime Wire Not supported
  Gator Not supported
  AIM Not supported
  ICQ Not supported

Updated October 01, 2007.