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Computer Replacement Information


The Computer Replacement Cycle is an ongoing process, and is designed to provide equipment that best meets the needs of Webster’s faculty, staff and students. Academic Affairs and IT meet on a regular basis to make decisions about new computer purchases as well as when to cascade, upgrade or remove older systems.

When computer placements are discussed, the entire inventory is considered. This is done to maximize resources at all sites. When computers are moved between sites, the relocations must be pre-approved by Academic Affairs and supervised by IT.

 As computer equipment becomes obsolete or non-repairable, it must be removed from Webster’s inventory and discarded properly. Webster University is not allowed to donate computers to individuals or charities. The Dell Asset Recovery system will be used to remove broken or obsolete equipment including non-Dells and peripherals. Broken, outdated or unused equipment should be reported to the Help Desk or to Desktop Technical Services.


Updated September 23, 2005.