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Computer Lab Information


 User Services has developed an extensive knowledge base of the various issues, installation procedures and needed configurations associated with lab software. Problems can often be avoided by knowing the installation idiosyncrasies of the various packages. To ensure the stability and integrity of lab computers, the following procedures have been established: 

  • Computer labs will be installed with Drive Shield to protect them from both unintended and deliberate changes, and to make supporting the labs less time-consuming.
  • Desktop Technical Services (DTS) develops and updates images for all Webster University computer labs. These images are shipped to sites on CDs. Any lab in need of an updated image should be reported to the Help Desk or Desktop Technical Services.
  • Sites should inform DTS prior to installing additional software on top of a lab image. The process is not intended to be a request for permission, but an inquiry regarding any concerns/problems/issues that DTS has about a particular software installation.  Any problems encountered should also be reported.
  • DTS will inform the site’s technical staff of required updates to the OS and applications.  These required updates will be those which improve system or network integrity and/or security. Many of these updates will be performed remotely through the use of LANDesk.
  • The physical security of lab computers and peripherals is a concern to us all.  IT has recommended products for securing equipment.  Please call the Help Desk for information.

Updated September 23, 2005.